Collection: Custom Jewelry Orders by Mystical Creations

Come meet your new personal jewelry designer!

Hello, I’m Tara. I’m a full-time artist who is passionate about body adornment.

I’ve been intrigued with semi-precious stones ever since I was a “wee lass.” I have strong knowledge of identifying the stones as well as designing so that I may craft a special piece just for your needs, whether it’s a formal event such as a wedding, or just that stone or color that you have been seeking out but unable to find.

I’ve been producing unique designs for over 20 years. You will find my wares in boutiques, at art shows, shops, and at markets all over the country! The thing that makes Mystical Creations so special is that my items are made with love, intent, and are one-of-a-kind.

I am happy to work with you on an individual communication throughout the process of your piece. I use only real sterling silver, copper, or gold with precious stones, glass or cut crystal beads, never any plastics!

If it’s a metaphysically designed piece, we will find out your needs, whether they are physical, or emotional, & then proceed to seek out the correct stones for you. I work with the “Love is in the Earth” (book by Melody) very closely & follow this and your personal insight when making the piece.

For all my custom creations, I can send pictures along the way, so that you can see your piece take form. This gives you an opportunity to interject & get exactly the piece you are looking for.

Do not hesitate to contact me directly for more details & if you have any questions at Email is the best way to reach out to me (Tara).

I’ve joined forces with friends (RinTheRed and the Artful Arrow) to bring even more to the site. Everything is handmade by us and whenever we can, we work together! Thanks so much for looking and stay tuned as this site unfolds!


Tara/Mystical Creator takes custom orders anytime. Jewelry, Suncatchers, Body Adornments, estate jewelry, and much more. Contact Tara directly:

The Artful Arrow takes custom orders for tote bags and zipper pouches. Contact or check out what we have in stock online here!

RinTheRed takes custom orders rarely. She’s working on a huge crochet commission that will take until June of 2023.

Where can I shop for Mystical Creations in person?

Check the calendar and our social media Pages for details. OR:



At your place! What? That’s right, have me to your home for a home party and reap the benefits of getting tons of credit on my wares ;) You will get $5 for each person that shows whether they buy or not, and also if orders total $500.00 or more, you will get another $100.00 credit to use! This is a great idea for a bride to be, as the credit can be applied towards my custom-made wedding jewelry!! Email me with your date for my availability! make the subject “Wedding” for speedy response!